African Nightjars

Ruben Evens, Natalie Beenaerts, Nele Witters & Tom Artois (2017): Nightjar diversity and microhabitat use in Nechisar National Park, Ethiopia, Ostrich.

Foraging behaviour and home range size of European Nightjars in Belgium

Evens, R., Beenaerts, N., Witters, N. and Artois, T. (2017), Study on the foraging behaviour of the European Nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus reveals the need for a change in conservation strategy in Belgium.. J Avian Biol. Accepted Author Manuscript. doi:10.1111/jav.00996

Nightjar migration

Evens, R., Conway, G. J., Henderson, I. G., Cresswell, B., Jiguet, F., Moussy, C., Sénécal, D., Witters, N., Beenaerts, N. and Artois, T. (2017), Migratory pathways, stopover zones and wintering destinations of Western European Nightjars Caprimulgus europaeus. Ibis. doi:10.1111/ibi.12469

AWARD: Best ECR-Poster

Evens, R., Beenaerts, N., Neyens, T., Witters, N., Smeets, K. and Artois, T. (2017) Do Nightjars visit takeaway restaurants. Best ECR-poster of BOU2017

Repeated Juvenile Migration

Evens, R., Beenaerts, N., Witters, N. and Artois T. J Ornithol (2017). doi:10.1007/s10336-017-1459-2

Newspaper: Nightjar Migration

Newspaper article in "Het Belang van Limburg" on the migration of Belgian Nightjars. (Digital copy coming soon)

Poster: EOU 2017

I will present this poster on the European Ornithology Union 2017 from 16-22 August in Turku (Finland). Download the poster by clicking on it.