Nechisar Nightjar

Preparations for Expedition “solala” started in March 2014. In cooperation with Birdlife International, Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society and Hasselt University we gathered a multidisciplinary team to study birds, mammals, insects and reptiles in Nechisar National park. In November 2014 we visited Tring’s Natural History Museum and the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren, Belgium) to study Afrotropical Nightjars and examine the wing of the Nechisar Nightjar Caprimulgus solala. Our main purpose was to study Nightjars' diversity in the National Park.

Please find blogs about our expedition below (English and Dutch)

We do not claim that this report covers all the knowledge on Nechisar National Park. Neither do we claim that this report is purely scientific. We rather hope that hope our report will inform local
authorities about the ecological values of this National Park. Furthermore, we hope that this report can serve as an open invitation to local authorities and organizations to start up collaborative discussions about conservation measurements for this area and lay foundations for future research. Although it is not feasible to describe all our experiences or all the knowledge which we have gathered during this expedition; and although it is not feasible to describe the gratitude we have towards everyone how has contributed to this expedition, I sincerely hope this report will contribute the conservation of Nechisar National Park.


Please download our temporary report HERE.



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