My name is Ruben Evens.

I am a biologist, ornithologist, ecologist, bird ringer, arborist, amateur photographer and whiskey lover. I am co-founder of Tracing Nature (a non-governmental organisation specialised in studying Nightjars) and chairman of MOVES (a non-governmental organisation specialised in new wildlife monitoring techniques). Since I was twelve I dreamt of becoming a wildlife researchers, and more specifically a Nightjar specialist.

As a PhD-candidate, my research focusses on foraging ecology, conservation and migration of European Nightjars Caprimulgus europaeus. We are analysing foraging behaviour in order to describe the implications of landscape configuration on population processes in order to improve conservation management and its economic implications. One of my dreams is to study migratory behaviour of birds (preferably Nightjars 😉 ), such as stopover-site selection, population connectivity and wintering behaviour.

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Yours sincerely,